Transfer To MCHD

Have You Started Your Cosmetology Education Somewhere Else…And Now You Want to Finish at MCHD? We accept transfer students! Transfer students must go through the formal enrollment process, and like all other students, may not be accepted if there are major concerns about attitude, dependability, motivation, etc. Tuition fees are pro-rated based on how many hours you have left. Scholarships are available for transfer student needing an additional 1000 hours or more. Students will be responsible for purchasing any kit items required that they don’t own currently. If completed hours are from another state, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the appropriate process to have hours released to the State of Kentucky. Hours must be released to the State of Kentucky before a student can start at MCHD. Your technical skills will be evaluated and proper placement will be made. MCHD believes that there are positive characteristics in ALL cosmetology schools…Finding the school that fits your personality and values is critical to your happiness while you are in school. We encourage our students not to speak negative of other cosmetology facilities as it hinders future personal achievement and growth. Schedule A Tour!